About Us

The Harbour Business Forum (HBF) was formally launched in June 2005.  The Forum’s mission is to see Hong Kong's harbour and harbour-front areas become a genuinely vibrant, accessible and sustainable world-class asset.  

The Forum is a membership supported organization and now is one of the biggest business alliances in Hong Kong with 122 business members, including 10 Patron Members, 30 Corporate Members, 53 Professional Members and 29 Supporting Members from business chambers and professional associations.

The primary objectives of the Forum are:

  • To advocate the creation of an overarching agency for the harbour
  • To promote integrated planning and coordination of projects related to the long term economic, social and environmental interests of Hong Kong's harbour
  • To support the Harbour Planning Principles and their application to all future harbour developments

To achieve these objectives, the Forum has conducted a number of high-quality studies including the Marine Study that enable us to offer the Government and relevant stakeholders indepth information and recommendations on harbour issues. 

For more information about the HBF studies and work, please visit the HBF official website: http://www.harbourbusinessforum.com.  You also can always click on the HBF logo at the top of any page in this site and it will take you to the HBF website.